Dance Filthy UK Online Applications

​DanceFilthy UK Online Applications

DanceFilthy UK Judging:

Floor work  – 10 points
Does your routine have enough floor work to connect the routine, does the floor work look effortless.

Costume & Show ? – 10 points MAX
Have you made an effort, do you have props? Have you put thought into your show and performance?


Transition and fluidity – 10 points – MAX -
Does your routine flow? Does it go with the music, have you thought about your routine? Are you clean in your performance?


Was the performance Authentic or Classique – 10 points –
Is the Performance original, did you wear heels, was the performance sexy or inappropriate.


Spins and Tricks – 10 points max - Do you have a variation of tricks and spins? Are you trick heavy ? Are you clean in and out of the trick?

Winner is the contestant with the highest marks.



Rules and Regulations:


FINAL information

  • You must be available for the FINAL

  • You must be 18 at the time of the performance

  • The music must be no more than 4 mins MAX ( Please check email as may vary on category ) 

  • You can use ANY prop which is possible in the venue accept for fire or any kind of fireworks ( You may use people )  please inform us before, any props which have not been approved will not be allowed.

  • If using people as a prop they may touch the pole but for any more than 30 seconds.  You will be marked down if they touch it longer.

  • You must wear heels.

  • You can strip down to pasties and thong No less any flap or nipples out will not be scored

  • No Sex simulation, you may lap dance someone BUT this cannot include thrusting or simulation sex or any sexual activity in any way. Including placing anything in any hole! No sex toys, however light bondage is acceptable

  • If you feel in any way that you should have got through or have any questions we will NOT accept these questions from a 3rd party, teacher/sponsor/parent/ friend. Any questions or queries about your routine/scores/judges feedback need to be sent in writing to the organizer and directly from the competitor.

  • If you are entering Amateur you must NOT have been paid for any performances/ stripping or teaching