We MISS people..... Its been such a long year with no events, we have missed the buzz of performing. 

So we are excited that Dance Filthy UK Competition will be going online on the 20th March 2021. 

All tickets holders from the live show will receive a free link to watch, their current ticket will also be carried over to when we are able to have a live show. 

Our contestants are excited to be performing, however this will be a little different as it will be held over zoom. Some will choose to perform live and others will choose to send a pre record for the occasion. As some do not have poles, we will also be allowing them to get creative.... 

We have some wonderful judges, who will be announced very soon. 



The show will be held 20th March 2021 via zoom, starting at 7.30pm. 


Tickets are now available to purchase, remember if you have a live ticket you do not need to purchase a ticket for the online show. 


More information to be announced on contestants and judges.